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Economics and financing of housing for Māori – literature review.

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Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities, ,

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This literature review explores the economic and financial structures and regulations impacting Māori housing.

The review highlights a scarcity of literature that aligns with mātauranga Māori perspectives on economics, attributing this gap to the predominant neoliberal capitalist framework of existing analyses. It notes the adverse effects of colonisation on Māori economic well-being and explores recent research on housing supply, legal, and financial barriers to housing on Māori land, and the unaffordability crisis in urban areas, especially Auckland. The review not only examines the multifaceted economic and financial barriers to Māori housing but also solutions like loan guarantees for development on multiply-owned Māori land, inter-generational mortgages, rent-to-buy and shared equity schemes, public-private lending options, co-op housing, cohousing, and co-living.

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