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Community Land Trusts: Performance and relevance for Aotearoa New Zealand

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Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities, ,

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This report assesses the viability and potential impact of Community Land Trusts (CLTs) as a solution to the housing crisis in Aotearoa New Zealand by examining their application in various international contexts, including the US, the UK, Western Europe, Australia, and South America.

CLTs are recognised for their unique approach to housing, characterised by community involvement, land stewardship, and trust-based non-profit management aimed at providing affordable housing and maintaining its affordability for future generations. As the author notes, Māori have a long history of collective management of land. Despite their diversity in operation and structure, CLTs share common challenges and successes that provide valuable insights for implementation in New Zealand. The report highlights the importance of supportive legislation, funding mechanisms, institutional support, and the need for a legal framework that accommodates the diversity of CLTs. It proposes a ‘horizontal model’ of growth, encouraging the development of a network of community-based CLTs that cater to local needs while ensuring perpetual affordability. Additionally, the report suggests the potential for CLTs to mitigate negative impacts of urban regeneration and gentrification, support mixed-income communities, and offer pathways to homeownership for marginalised buyers. Recommendations include the establishment of a national network organisation for CLTs, consideration of CLTs in public land development projects, and local government support for CLT initiatives. The report calls for tailored legal and policy frameworks in Aotearoa New Zealand to foster the growth of CLTs, recognising their potential to contribute significantly to solving housing affordability issues.

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