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An archaeologist’s guide to the Maori dwelling.

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New Zealand Journal of Archaeology, 4, 111-147

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Prickett provides an exploration of traditional Māori dwellings from an archaeological perspective.

The paper spans a comprehensive range of topics related to Māori architectural practices, cultural significance, and the evolution of Māori housing over time. Prickett utilises archaeological evidence, historical records, and ethnographic data to construct an understanding of the design, construction, and use of Māori dwellings. A key aspect of Prickett’s work is the meticulous analysis of the physical structure of Māori houses, including their layout, materials used, and the techniques employed in their construction. The article not only delves into the functional aspects of these dwellings but also illuminates their cultural and social importance within Māori communities, highlighting how these structures were integrally linked to the social and spiritual lives of the Māori people. Specifically, the author shows the association of formal house architecture with particular social and symbolic behaviour and beliefs. Prickett’s article stands out for its interdisciplinary approach, combining methods and insights from archaeology, history, and anthropology. This approach allows for a nuanced understanding of Māori dwellings that extends beyond their physical attributes to encompass their broader cultural context.

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