Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities

The National Science Challenges are designed to find solutions to some of the large, complex issues that matter most to us. 

Why a Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities (BBHTC) Challenge?

There are significant difficulties in New Zealand’s built environment regarding housing supply, the quality of housing, and the vulnerabilities and underperformance of our urban environments.  

The Challenge vision is Ka ora kāinga rua: Built environments that build communities”.  Homes, neighbourhoods, towns and cities throughout New Zealand that enable people to enrich their lives and reach their social, cultural and economic potential throughout their life stages. 

Challenge Mission 

The Challenge mission (Te Tekoteko) is Manaaki Tangata.  Researchers, engaged with industry and community, through innovative research with commitment to co-creation of new knowledge, will transform the systems and organisations that shape the creation and regeneration of our homes, neighbourhoods, towns, and cities. 

Challenge Parties

Challenge Associates